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Server runing in verson 5165 which have 5 classes Tao-Trajon-warrior-ninja-archer No Talisman's or Steed no souls . Server have alot of new items all be need to build your charter as you wish . Server have new quests and skilles what you should learn about it here . Every charter have chance to fb or ss with hes own weapens with spical skill which can buy from normal mall or droping from mobs . Moonbox quest working but also droping from lap boss's or at frozen floors from each mob . Cleanwater drop only from waterlord or can be find from (MagicTassel) . What is Magictassel spical item seam to be as moonbox with right click open for random gift . (can be anything in game) cps,moonbox,garment,stone,cleanwater,gold elc

If any of your gear or items disperse just reloag ... gear with 0 dura can disperse so tack care guys ... also you can fix max dura to 100 with SKG so will never disperse...

  • 1.Guild war every 5 days .. 5,10,15,20,25,30 from each month .

    Has 3 rounds in differnts times so every guild have chance to win round .
    Guild winer and allies
    becomes GoldPrize for wining 3 round ,
    sliverprize for wining 2 rounds
    Bronzeprize for win 1 round after server maintenance.
    Prize only for 5 days till next gw time

  • 3.Guildwar points .) Since your guild hold the pole every member going to earn gw points at the guild war area .
    - what to do with gw points ?
    -buy attributes or exp balls
    - start EXP event for 1 hour
    - start drop event for hour
    -buy sockets item
    -start 8 hrs x5 TG exp
    -start mining rate boost
    -Summon a Boss
  • 4.List of ALL commands: (even rarely ever used ones) /help - List of commands in-game.
    /p - See who's online.
    /events - Show events happening today.
    /stuck - Begin timer to be teleported back to Twin City.
    /clear - Clear Inventory. (All items disappear)
    /report - Report a problem.
    /unlearn (skill name no caps) - Remove skills. (nice if you want to clear junk like thunder)
    /scores - Check GW Scores.
    /pm - See who's on your map.
    /web (Message.) - Post Message to community page.
    /moneybag - Make a moneybag if you have over 500kk.
  • 5.Open web pages: /website /register /Donate /community /facebook
    /setlink (URLgoesHERE) - Save a URL for all to access
    /link open the URL saved by /setlink in your browser.
    /link? - see the URL without opening it.
    /str /vit /agi /spi (number of points) - Quick set attribute points.
  • 5.VP commands /vp - Check current VP.
    /checkvp (playername) - Check someone elses VP.
    /givevp (playername) - Give virtue points to someone else.
  • 6.VIP Commands /givevip (playername) - Give VIP status to someone else.
    /vips? - Check how many VIP's you have to give to others.
    /viptoken - Make a tradable VipToken.
    /elites - Toggle Elite Autoloot.
    /supers Toggle Super Autoloot
    /automine - Drops anything lower than Gold Ore.
    /autoscroll - Auto scrolls or composes Meteors, DBs, Gems, +Stones when you have enough.
    /whereis (name of player) - See the map and Coords of a player
    /ghost - Hide from /whereis
  • 7.Guild Hall Commands /gh1? - Check owner of first Guild Hall. Replace 1 with 2-5 for ally guild slots.
    /ally1? - Check owner of second Guild Hall. Replace 1 with 2-5 for ally guild slots.
    /gh2 - Set entry to an ally guild if you have slot 1.
    /ally2 - Set entry to an ally guild if you have slot 1.
  • 9.Elitescatter Quest Get 4000 kills in every category of monster and you will unlock the Elite Scatter archer skill .
    Remember, similar mobs like pheasants and TurtleDoves are in seam category and bigger monsters count as more then 1 kill.
  • Custom Items

    - Magic Cake and Magic Heals increased the rate at which you drop items with high jibs and sockets by a maximum of 300%
    - LuckyCakes max 50% to increase your chance of getting 1st and 2nd lucky sockets in Artsinwind NPC
    - BuffStones Increase your Attack, Defense, Magic for 30 minutes
    - EventTime You can use it at any time to increase drop rate up to x4 times for any mountain of minutes while hunting
    - LuckyStar increase Sockets up to 300% off Gambler NPC or in Artsinwind npc
    - 2 Sockets Garments can be made at Oven NPC in market with 2 gems and 6 of Top Moneybag's
    ( only SVG to increase your drop rate ) or (SRG to increase you EXP )
    P.S ( the garments has nothing to with your Defense or attack )

  • Custom Settings

    You can make the game in full screen to match your windows resolution.
    For this you need to put the game in windowed 1024 from inside game setup.
    After that close the game and open _ConfigCreator.exe from game folder and change desired resolution.
    You can also increase FPS here.